December 17th,2013

Today was supposed to be pretty nice but we ended up with another 2 inches of snow an NW winds.  Was not good to go out on the ice and check or plow roads on 8-9 inches of ice.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get out there. In closer we have better ice and I will be rechecking some of it and maybe, ( I mean maybe..) going out with one of the bigger trucks tomorrow and making bigger roads to Pope’s and Gull and  south of Spider. We’ll see….

No fishing report,  no one fishing except tournament  “Pre-fishing”  in Isle and Wahkon Bays. I guess some of the area we are in are within the boundaries of a Crappie and Bluegill and Perch tournament.  I hope they stay in the Bays.  I don’t need a bunch of fishermen to drill holes all over the side of the roads I need to get my customers out there for a 7 inch Perch!! Or in hopes of a Crappie that isn’t there!!  I’m hoping the tournament organizers tell the contestants that they need to respect what others on the lake are doing for a living and not screw it up and leave…….

Keep a Tight Line!!


Keep a Tight LIne!