December 17th,2016

We ended up with about 2-3″ of snow and this am the NW wind is blowing about 20. Temps are about -2 and dropping, so I’m not expecting too much for portable fishermen with -20 by tonight.

Yesterday we had some fishermen out but none of them stopped on their way off to give us a report so i have nothing there.  I really wish anglers would let us know as it is nice to know.  I don’t get the time to fish much with the work that is necessary to keep things going,so any help with how they are doing would be appreciated.

We little snow cover the cold coming the next couple days will help us get closer to that 10-13″ ice depth.  No quite enough to start a lot of pulling as the coming week temps are forecast in the upper 20’s, but enough that I can get some of the smaller houses out, and establish roads with the smaller trucks.

Also February 25th will be the date for the Lybacks/TWP fishing Contest.  The first batch of prizes showed up last week so it is definitely on.   Entry fee is $50.00/person, limited to 150 fishermen and will be 100% payback.  Registering and payment can be made at the office. Call for more info.   Also FYI  we have a Facebook page, “Lybacks Ice Fishing”, check it out once and awhile.  I put some nice pictures on it and those that “like” the page can post their fish pics on it too..just send them and I will post them.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy