December 18th, 2014

This morning when I checked the roads before daylight we found more cracks and put more ramps out.  Most cracks were 6-9 inches but one opened up to about 15.  We were still crossing them once the ramps were set but not pulling houses over them.  These were in areas where this is 16 inches of ice.

We also got a road staked to the Banana and Tundra reefs, but will not be pulling houses out there or will be letting vehicles drive out there portable fishing. Tomorrow we will be staking the road over the “Graveyard” reef and out into the mud NW of it  There is just not enough ice thickness to put a lot of traffic on it.  So it will be ATV only in those areas. I’m going to wait until colder weather and more ice. However, ATV’s  with portables and ATV’s with wheelhouses can go and some are already out in the “Tundra”.  If you want to go with a wheelhouse and ATV you can.

There was a lot of calls about 1/2 tons and smaller wheelhouses for the weekend and that will happen. (Keep in mind I said “smaller” wheelhouses).  But it will be in places where I know we have better ice conditions. We will have maps ready and show everyone where they can go, which will be in closer where we have better ice.

Not many fishermen out today so not much for a report except I know some of the those guys out in the Tundra were probably doing ok because they were staying put.   🙂

In a way all this caution and explaining what is going on out there is so weird to me than what it used to be so many years ago. Back then when fishermen came up they got the info from the resort as they went out and back then fishermen went where they were told it was good.  These days with all the GPS’s, ATV’s, 4WDs and wheelhouses,…. somehow so many fishermen have forgot some of the basics… like weight,speed and ice conditions. They see a house somewhere out there and they think all is good.  All I can say is times have changed…but it still is the same…listen to the resorter wherever you choose to go out from that lives it.

Keep a Tight Line!!