December 18th,2016 evening update

Got in from checking the ice and found a lot of variation.  Where I was out plowing two days with the Cruiser it was a consistent 12″ (first 1/3 mile from shore).  From there I found as little as 7″ in areas where there was 3-4″ of snow in drifts, to as much as 10″ in bare spots of ice. if i was to average it I would say 8-9″ on the ice 1/2 to 2miles out from our shoreline. But alot of it has not been checked yet.   What snow was out there really made a difference on how the cold got to it.

Good news is I had a customer that went out in the morning and came in about 3:00pm. with 10 Perch over 10″, caught and released 20 Walleyes ranging from 9″ to 26″, one third of them were over 20″ and broke a line on a Northern Pike under the hole.  Lots of smaller Perch were there also, but by up-sizing the bigger ones were caught. All in all a pretty good day I would say..

Plans for here.  Strictly ATV or Snowmobile traffic and portable for the first few days of this week.  After I get more roads made with the Cruiser, maybe by the end of the week we will let ATV’s and small wheelhouses out. But there will be no trucks or vehicles out there until I know we have a consistent 12-14″ of ice on our roads everywhere we go. Midweek I will be pulling smaller rentals out so we will have them available (especially if you have an ATV and trailer).

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy