December 18th,2017

Today reports from the fishermen that were out were all in all very poor. Fishermen were marking fish, but they weren’t biting except for small Perch.  It was a nice day to be out portabling though. The temps were in the low 30’s and not much wind.

It also was not a good ice making day either. I spent the majority of it out on the ice establishing the main road to the “Graveyard Reef” and tomorrow going to work on what we call the “Tullibee road” to the Banana Reef and beyond.  Most of the ice is 7″ to 9 ” so the Land Cruiser is doing the plowing as it is light enough for that. It is sounding like the majority of the snow will be south of us and there there will be a week of sub-zero weather after it passes. We should make some ice then.  Right now i don’t think we will be pulling until after Christmas Day.   We will see what the cold will do and decide over the weekend. Up until then it will be snowmobile/atv/portable fishing only.

Keep a Tight Line!!   Eddy