December 19th. 2013

Today I got one of the bigger trucks out and plowed the north-south road at Pope’s and widen the road going to it.  Pretty spooky……  It was some of the roughest ice I’ve plowed thru in quite a few years.  But I got it.  Still need to widen them some, but it’s a start.  Tomorrow I’m going to spend time on that.  I’m hoping that after tomorrow we will start pulling some of the smaller houses out for people and get this season started……..This afternoon I went out our roads to  the Graveyard and towards the Banana and there was evidence of more flooding, which is good.  If we don’t get more snow and it gets a chance to freeze, we will be able to go over the top of it.

Still no fishing report.  No one fishing except “tournament  pre-fishermen” and most aren’t out in our areas.

Still there will be no driving with vehicles, but we probably will let small SUV’s and light trucks under a 1/2 rating out in the next couple days.  Wheel houses will be able to go with ATV’s, but the problem is they can’t get off the road in most spots.  But with the flooded areas freezing over the next couple days,  That will enable that to happen too.

Keep a Tight Line!   We might make Christmas Week yet!!