December 19th, 2017

Today I spent all day in the Land Cruiser clearing rough areas of ice working my way out to the Banana Reef.  There were numerous spots where it was stacked up pretty good, but managed to get four wide areas open and the road will be pretty straight like I hoped.  Ice depths were 71/2″ to 10″ and in some spots where the ice was piled up as thick as 18″.  But most was 8″-9″.  We have a few cold nights to go before I’m going to really get going.  I am hoping the snow Wednesday afternoon and evening  doesn’t amount to much.  A couple inches would be nice, but 4-5 inches and no wind would be like laying a blanket of insulation over the ice and it would slow the freeze process down considerably.  Winds are fore-casted at only 10-15 and that doesn’t move snow too much.

Very few showed with the strong NW wind that started at about 9:00 am. and the reports were of a very slow bite.  I am seriously thinking that the Walleye bite this winter is going to be at night much like last year.  Not many have stayed over since we are only letting portables go, but that will change soon with the weather turning colder.

For those wanting to know when their house is going out it is currently up in the air yet.  My hope is to start pulling some on Tuesday after Christmas, but that is not for sure….just the plan. Get on the list and I will do the best I can as always, but don’t push me.  I’m too old and ornery to put up with that…   😉

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy