December 19th,2016

Today we had a few more fishermen out with the warmer weather.  The few that stopped in did to report their catch had a pretty good day.  Walleyes are biting and many caught and released.  Perch were biting but many were small from most reports.  I noticed that the anglers were not in the basin areas where the larger Perch would normally be.

I got main roads started to the Graveyard Reef an Banana Reefs and have things staked and checked to head to the Tundra tomorrow. ice depths ranged from 8 to 11″ inches so it will be ATV/Snowmobile and portables until we get more ice.

I will be setting up some of the smaller rentals for the weekend and what is reserved already.  Call for information.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy