December 1st, 2013

December 1st and we have ice as far as I can see.  Out in front for about 100 yards there is 3-4 inches of ice, but after that I’m not sure and I am not going to check for a few days.  Over the last week the main lake ice has been moving around and there have been areas of open water one day and then gone the next.  This year will be a little different out there and the need to be cautious will be the most important.

So far there has been fishermen in the bays on the south end.  Haven’t heard a lot about the bite, but did talk to a friend yesterday that was up with a two others and didn’t have to much luck, but it’s pretty early to tell what going to happen yet.

My plan is to wait thru the next few warmer days, Let the cold hit later this week and make some more ice.  (Hopefully we won’t get too much snow out there in the meantime) and make next weekend our first weekend open for ATV, portable travel, More than likely not too far out, but we will see what the weather brings.

Keep a Tight Line!