December 1st, 2014

Today I pulled another rental and spent the rest of the day working on the two main roads with the Jeep and disc thru the rough ice and staking where the roads will be.

Good news in the rough ice areas closer to shore.  The slush is going away a lot faster than than I anticipated…  For example: where I put the first rental on Thanksgiving afternoon. there was 9 inches of ice.  18 to 24 inches of slush below.  Today when I checked….it had 13 inches of ice and 8 inches of slush below.  (some is freezing next to the ice……and some is melting close to the warmer water below).  Out where the ice is clean the ice is 9-10 inches thick within two miles from our shoreline and no slush at all.   Some cracks showed up today where I was running with the cold weather but nothing scary.  Anyways… it looks like it will be fish-able in the rough stuff faster than I thought.  Next part for that is to establish the roads to get there…it’s way to bumpy to try to knock down with plows, and I’m not going to beat up my trucks doing it.

Tomorrow we will have our 1st rentals coming for the day.  Our first “fishing report” tomorrow nite.. Fishermen are wanting to know what’s going to happen out on the main lake. For now from what I’ve heard, most coming to Mille Lacs so far have been “spearing ” in the bays….lots of mixed reports so far on that….

Tomorrow more smaller rentals will be going out for the weekend…..also wheelers with wheel houses..portables and such can go.   No driving yet with trucks, (but it is so close), till I get the ice farther out checked and roads staked. I thinking if the weather cooperates like it has so far next week we will be driving and pulling all.

Keep a Tight Line!