December 20th, 2014

Friday evening’s bite was good for some and slower for others, but it was apparent that the nicer sized Walleyes were biting better than during the day.  One rental in 23 ft. did quite well with Walleyes from 12-26″ with a couple “keepers”.  Northern Pike were caught Saturday with caught NW of Spider that was 42″.   Fishermen in closer to shore didn’t do as well as earlier in the week and I’m wondering if it was all the commotion of me pulling some bigger houses in there (?).  I did hear of fishermen breaking their lines in that area, but no one got to see what did it. It’s nice to see most have action again.

Lots of smaller Walleyes, but it shows hope for a future it the DNR and Bands get their acts together and do things right!  And most know what I’m talking about.  We wouldn’t have had the two good years classes we have if the lake hadn’t been covered in ice during the spawning season.  Pretty good evidence I would say…..I don’t care what biologists when I know what I’ve seen along the shoreline……..

I also staked roads and checked ice out farther and things are getting thicker and with the colder weather forecasted after Christmas things will be starting to look pretty good for getting out there. Starting this Monday I’m going after I get things smoothed out in spots.  And if the cracks we had keep healing we are dropping restrictions for travel in most areas.

Keep a Tight Line!