December 20th, 2016

Today the NW wind blew about 30 mph for most of the day, but the temperatures were in the upper 20’s . Couldn’t do much on the lake as far as opening roads so I pretty much stayed off the ice until late afternoon.

Three groups of anglers went out, and I got a chance to talk to of them and they did well with  Perch and the Walleye.  One angler caught and released a 28″ which “made his day” he said.  So far I think it is going to be a good “catching” year on the ice if we can get out there.

The ice making has pretty much stopped with this warm weather, and we are right at that “go/no go” stage.  Ice depths average between 8-11″ inches depending if you on bare ice our drilling in a snow drift.  I’m going to wait one more day to decide if I’m going to put rentals out for Christmas and after.  Weatherman is predicting a significant storm on Sunday, temperatures could be warm enough where we get rain here and if not it’s possible we could get up to one foot of snow.  Either way on 8-11 inches of ice I would prefer not to have houses on it during that.  So we will wait.

It will be ATV/Snowmobile portable traffic only until we see a change in temps and ice.  We have plenty of parking available.  Private house owners are welcome to overnight in their houses if they want to come up.   Let’s hope for some more cold weather.

keep a Tight Line!        Eddy