December 20th, 2017

Today I finished move the ice piles and completed the road to the Banana Reef with the Land Cruiser.  Then  went checking ice  depths out to Ray’s Reef ,the NW side of Gull Reef, south of Spider to North Twin Island to see if I would have enough ice to plow roads with one of the 3/4 ton Fords.  ( just because it would be easier), but after drilling numerous holes decided against it.  None of it was a real 10″ and I still found areas of 7.5″ of ice.  Average was about 8″-9″.  Not enough for me in a 8000 lb truck w/plow.

So until the cold starts making ice it will be ATV/Snowmobile portable traffic only.  I will be pulling my 8′-12′ basic houses out for the weekend and those renting will need an ATV or Snowmobile to have out there with them.  We will “shuttle” people and equipment, but they should have something out there for an emergency.

I’m presuming with the colder weather we will have close to 12″ of ice by Tuesday-Wednesday and will slowly start pulling more houses.  As far as privates it will be smallest and lightest first and they will need compact cars, SUV’s etc if they are going to drive out.  It will all be day by day until we see more ice.  Keep following the report.

A few fishermen were out today and the bite was slow.  However most reported marking decent fish all day, but couldn’t get them to go.   Like I said….I’m thinking night bite this year…

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy