December 21st, 2012

Ice is looking better than I thought after being out there this a.m.  We have 5-7 inches of ice and so far we have roads staked to Pope’s, Gull, Ray’s and the Graveyard reefs.  This afternoon we are headed to the Banana, Tundra and East Bar and as long as we don’t encounter any thin ice, roads will be staked out to them by dark.

We will be allowing ATV’s and snowmobiles with portables thru the weekend.  Sorry no wheelhouses with ATV’s until I see 8 inches, which probably won’t be until Sunday, Monday.  If you want to we have plenty of room for parking of wheelhouses and you are welcome to camp out overnite if you wish  N/C  and portable during the day.  Only access fee will apply.  I’m hoping this weather continues. We might get a  Christmas Week yet!