December 21st, 2014

Last evening and today fishing reports from fishermen that stopped in on their way home was overall pretty slow for most. Best reports was overnight in 24-28 feet of water or 12-14 with Walleyes.  Actually a few “keepers” were caught.  Almost everywhere else is was slow. Perch action was spotty with mostly small ones biting today for the fishermen.

The familiar fog and haze settled in today and this evening and once again the ice is warming up, which means once again when it cools down we will have some cracks, probably later in the week. but with a couple inches of snow on it maybe it will not be as much as last week.  and the ice is “slowly” getting thicker.  Today on average in the 1st mile it was 16″ and out farther in the smooth ice an honest 14″.  We will need some cold weather.  That type of is a lot more “comfortable” when it’s about 18″.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to take advantage of this warmer weather before it snows tomorrow evening and try smoothing out some of the rough ice spots while it’s warm on the roads farther out.  And we will be heading out to other areas as soon as I know colder weather is coming for sure.

We are going to be closed Christmas Eve from 12 noon until Christmas Day morning. That is when our family will celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Keep a Tight Line!