December 21st,2016

Fishing was pretty good today from what reports we heard.  Some “keeper” Walleye were caught and Perch were biting, but most were small.  But the temps were nice to be portable fishing.

This warm weather has got to go.  We are not making  much for ice on the main lake except for areas where it froze rough and slushy in close to shore.  It seems that in those areas the slush under the ice is aiding in freeze and those areas are gaining a little.  Out on the main lake  the ice pushed,(small pressure ridge) in a line between just west of North Twin running NE between the Banana and Spider Reef and continued to the NE toward the eastern shore. It’s not a big ridge might not be an issue if it starts to cool off.  We’ll see.

We will be checking ice depths again tomorrow (Dec 22nd) and watching the weather for the storm coming on Christmas Day.  So far it looks like maybe mostly sleet before it turns to snow. (Which would be good).  We do not need a foot of snow out there now.  I will decide what we are going to do to get set up or not in the afternoon . (Dec 22nd) and let all rental customers with reservations know that evening.

Until then it will be Snowmobile/ATV  portable traffic only.  Lots of parking available.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy