December 22nd, 2012

Yesterday we got ice checked and stakes where our roads will eventually be to the Graveyard, Ray’s, Pope’s, Gull, and Banana Reefs.  We also got out the East Bar,(gravel).  Today we are checking and staking to the Tundra and Tullibee Hole and and south towards North Twin.  Ice is at the least 5inches and some places we seen almost 8-9.  Most common ice depth was around 7 inches.

The few fishermen that were out yesterday, did not have much action.  Either due to the high pressure or ??  So far this a.m. we’ve had alot more fishermen going out and we are encouraging them to experiment with depths instead of staying shallow like we would typically do this time of year.  We’ll see if that helps.

Merry Christmas!!     Eddy