December 22nd, 2016

I have decided to wait to pull rentals out until Monday after the weekend.  The warmer weather and forecast of rain/snow on Christmas Day on what ice we have is just not comfortable enough for me.  I want fishermen to be safe and enjoy their time, not worry about thin ice…We will be calling those rented for Monday and postponing them.

The bite was a little slower yesterday, especially in the morning.  Most that stayed until evening hours had good action with the late afternoon bite. Overall this year so far is some pretty good fishing up here.

We drilled and check at least 50 spots in areas we go and measured ice on and off the roads. Once you get out past the first stretch of rough ice with slush under it is is averaging 10-11 inches so it’s close. Some colder weather without snow will get us going.  Our pressure ridge I mentioned yesterday opened up overnight and closed back shut in the afternoon, but at times it was 12-24″ wide in the morning.  That means the temps are affecting the ice quite a bit.  Some cooler l weather would help it stabilize.

We will remain ATV/Snowmobile portable fishermen thru the weekend and we will see what the weather brings.

Merry Christmas!    Eddy