December 22nd,2017

Today the bite was a little better than the last couple of days.  Our overnight rental caught and released Walleye, and some anglers were on the shallower side of the Banana and caught  a 17″ Walleye and were marking numerous thru the day. Quite a few reports of more activity at least.  At dusk and angler sent me photo of what looked like a keeper off of Gull Reef.  Tonight I have three rentals out over night in 14-16 feet and rocks  and we’ll see how they do.

I finished the main road to Popes today and I have to say that stretch was the roughest I’ve made a road in for a really long time. It turned out ok and will improve with more plowing.  I still have to make the turn to the north and go thru a stretch of it again but will work on that over Christmas when angler activity is down. and I can make some noise..    🙂  I plowed the roads to the Graveyard and Banana and removed the new snow so what cold we get will speed up the ice making a little. And will be working on others over the weekend for the same reasons.  Most ice on the roads right now is from 8.5″ to almost 10″ so we still have a long ways to go, and hopefully next weeks cold will start adding to the thickness.

My Gran-daughter  Isabel and I went out and got the family Christmas tree out of our Spruce swamp late this afternoon.  I was our 7th year of cutting the tree since she first went with me at three years old.  It is a tradition I want to continue until I physically can’t someday, which I’m hoping will be many years from now.   Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Keep a Tight Line!!   Eddy