December 23rd, 2012

Yesterday we had about 15 groups of fishermen out and everyone spread out, trying different depths and structure.   By the end of the day the deeper spots had the better action for Walleyes. Perch were most consistent NW of Spider Island although size was not too impressive.   About lunchtime after the sun had been out for awhile the main lake ice pushed and we ended up with a pressure ridge/cracks about a mile out which I put out ramps for on what will be Graveyard Road and Tullibee Road so fishermen could get back across safely.  A couple of fishermen were almost on top of it when it pushed and made themselves  some memories, but everyone was ok.

Hoping that the next two or three days cold weather drive the ice down so we can get going with some pulling of smaller houses. I’m not going to say if we are going to be driving by the weekend or not yet.  I’ll see what the ice looks like by the day after Christmas, and we will go from there.   For now, plan on ATV’s even if we get your house out.

Merry Christmas!!  Eddy