December 23rd, 2013

Last night we got 3 inches of snow and more NW winds, but the roads had “floated” up so  most of it blew off, except for the edges.  I was able to get a few rentals out today, Then spent the rest of the day cleaning roads as much as I could getting ready for the next 1-3inches of snow on Christmas Eve.

I heard from the office that some people had called saying they had heard I went down out there………News to me!! I didn’t, am not going to…..done it too long to take a chance now.

We are going to start pulling those that  want to go, but it is going to be in in close.  Some  like that and some don’t.  My suggestion for those that want to be deeper reefs, just wait a bit.  Or if you want to go it will be in a place you haven’t been accustomed to.

With the snow we have and ice conditions I will do all I can, but for those that know me…. this one is going to be along way from what you have been used to  the last few..  it’s been a long time since it started like this.  Reminds me of the late 60’s, early 70’s out there.

Keep a Tight Line!!