December 23rd, 2016

Today a lot of fishermen came went out with ATV/Snowmobiles and portable fished.  Overall the bite was good for Walleyes and perch for most.  From what reports I heard most everyone had a pretty good day.   The weather was cloudy and warm so it was comfortable.

We checked ice at over 50 locations and found and average of 10-12″ where we normally start out, so we are close. But this warm weather what is coming the next couple days worries me.  Warm temps, rain, sleet and high winds from the SE and then NW Saturday evening, Sunday and Sunday night.  The rain and sleet is not the problem.  It’s the thin ice beyond the pressure ridge, (mentioned two days ago).  I’m hoping not but I think it is going to move with the wind and that will be a big setback for a lot of the lake if it does.  I really hope I’m wrong on this one….But we will not take that chance with houses or rental customers during it. We are going to sit tight and see how it looks by Tuesday morning and go from there.

The good thing from this weather is all the family is home for Christmas.  One thing thru all these years here is that Christmas has many times not been a  normal one like most consider it. You are always trying to get a jump on the ice and get ready for Christmas Week and all the fishermen.  This year will be one of the few where we can be like everyone else…and enjoy the time with family…   Merry Christmas!!