December 23rd,2014

Today we had no one out fishing as planned.  We spent most of the day going house to house and drilling a hole off of each corner so as the wind was moving the water it would not build up around them and the ice would float up.  And it worked well.  If the weather starts cooling off like predicted, things will freeze up for the weekend and we will get people out there fishing.

All of the thicker ice in closer is doing well, but I’m not too sure yet about farther out.  Tomorrow as things freeze up I’m going out and check thickness in those areas and post what we will be doing prior to the weekend out there.  it is not turning colder as fast as I had hoped, and moving houses to those areas and letting vehicle traffic might not happen as planned.  I know many want to be out there as well as I, but it might have to wait until into the weekend or Monday.  We’ll see tomorrow….

The good thing is that fishing is better up here than it has been for a long time and when the weather allows us fishermen should come.  Quite a few have already seen some of it and when the ice gets better so it can be more accessible it should be a good year.

We will be closed tomorrow at noon for Christmas Eve with family and will reopen Christmas Day morning.

Keep a Tight Line!