December 24th, 2012

Merry Christmas!!    This morning  I will be pulling out the first of our smaller rentals on 7-8 inches of ice with the Jeep.  Tonight and tomorrow we should be making some good ice with the temperatures dropping below zero.  Our plans here are to celebrate Christmas this evening and tomorrow with family and start up Wednesday pulling houses where we can safely.  Starting with smaller houses first.  We will be checking the ice in all of our areas we go to Wednesday and decide about people driving their vehicles out or not.   I’m not comfortable with it until I see 12 inches of ice.  Especially this year when the top 2-3 inches is junk and has little or no strength to it. What looks like 8 is really only 6 strong inches and a lot of fishermen don’t know or think of that unfortunately.  For now I would like if everyone coming out of here would  plan on ATV’s for the weekend until we see  what it looks like later in the week.

Fishermen yesterday did ok with Perch activity in some basin areas and some Walleyes.  Overnight two fishermen had a good luck with the Walleyes and also caught a 40 inch Northern and  some nice sized Perch.  So things are looking up.  I’m sure fishing patterns and spots are going to change along with the Zebra Mussels , but we can too.   Anyways……… I’m not going there on Christmas!!!

Keep a tight line!!