December 24th, 2017

Today I plowed more roads so the cold can get to the ice. Tomorrow I’m going to continue. Tuesday morning we are going to check ice depths and decide what to do as far as letting vehicles go out.  More than likely it will be small cars and small trucks, No 1/2 tons, no wheelhouses unless pulled by an ATV,  but NONE of that is for sure until we check the ice Tuesday.  I will update the report after 1:00 pm Tuesday and then you will now what we’re doing.

I have roads as far as the NW end of the Graveyard, the Banana Reef and Tullibee Hole, And will be working my way west towards the Tundra tomorrow.  So when we do get going we will have pretty good access for fishermen.

Only a few fishermen went out today.  Heard reports of a 24″ Walleye C/R.  And a 40″ plus Northern Pike that was C/R also because the angler did not have two under 30″.    So it goes…

Merry Christmas!!  and Keep a Tight Line!!