December 24th,2015

Merry Christmas!

This past few days weather since the last report was not too good for making ice, in fact things went backwards a little. The ice on the main lake out in front of us about a mile out disappeared to the north west with a couple days of strong south east winds.  This morning after some cooler temps and north west winds it’s back.  This year we are going to have some pretty rough going in spots unless the snow sinks it and floods. ( Which it could very well happen, I’ve seen it many times….).

Temperatures are forecasted to be more winter like this next week so I think the lake will ice over and stay put by New Years.  I’m going to work on the approach to the ice today so it can freeze up good.  Tomorrow I’m going to take a little walk out a ways and check ice depths and will let you know what I find.  The last couple days there has been people fishing in isle, Wahkon, Cove and Twin Bays.  All walking activity and none are venturing out farther as the ice is too unpredictable, but this week we will see some changes providing we don’t get too much snow.

Keep a Tight Line!