December 25th, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Because of the holiday it was a quiet day with  only one rental. The cold weather is a blessing even though it might make the bite tough but we need the ice. i was out most of the day plowing spots for rentals and expanding roads to different spots. And because of the cold and holiday no portable fishermen showed.  Pretty much had my spot on the lake to myself… which I like.  🙂  Not many will know what it feels like to be out there all alone making roads and spots for fishermen to go to two to three miles out on the main lake..sometimes scary, but when you know its ok it’s nice to be there..

Starting tomorrow ATV’s with wheelhouses will be let out.  Park in the portable lot and pull from there. After I do more drilling and checking ice thickness on the roads I will let you know tomorrow evening about driving cars and trucks.  probably will be a day or two before that.. with the cold the ice is doing alot of cracking.

Keep a Tight Line!!       Eddy