December 25th,2014

Merry Christmas!!

Today we were back at it and had a few rentals and by noon other customers showed up to go to their houses.  The phone was ringing and fishermen were planning for this next 10 days with the holidays the way they are.Only fishing report I have to offer is when I checked on two of them midday.  One rental was busy with Perch and the other had a 19″ Walleye, some keepable Perch and lost a big Pike in the hole.  sounds like the Pike made the day for them though.

The ice is slowly freezing today and it sounds like it will slowly get colder the next couple, which is good.  What would really be nice tonight and tomorrow would be a little snow so fishermen can bank up their houses instead of relying just on hole liners.  With next weeks temps dropping way down there, just a little would be nice.  And to see some sunshine will help everything.

Tomorrow and the next 10 days are going to be busy times for us, and what a feeling it is to see that again.  It’s been a long time… There is a lot of things to do out there like re-staking the roads, (as most stakes tipped over in the second melt), checking out the place where cracks will inevitably run and set ramps for it, plus get rentals out and pull more “privates” for the weekend.  Check yesterday report for ice depth and what we are going to do for driving as it will still be the same.

Keep a Tight Line!!