December 26th, 2013

Today the Perch were biting but that was all.  It seems that the Walleyes at at night or hardly none at all.  But it is at the least improving over the first week out there. With the weather changes and up and downs in temps it’s a wonder they are biting at all.

The ice out farther is not doing anything  despite what cold weather we had.  The roads are making ice and anywhere I’ve uncovered it its improving but it’s going to be along while before it improves.  We either need a big wind to harden the snow so the cold can go thru or a good warm-up and settle it down.

I pulled some more houses today in the thicker ice, but for as rough as it is I’m beginning to wonder if it is worth it.  The time it takes to clear an area and the toll it takes on the equipment is barely worth it.   Tomorrow I’m going to  spend time clearing more areas in thinner ice where it is smoother and letting them sit and freeze before I pull many more.

Keep a Tight Line!!