December 26th, 2014

It was a good day out on the ice today.  Started out with 2-3 inches of fresh snow.  Just enough to bank houses and cover the ice a little so it will cool off gradually as the colder weather comes over the next few days.  And protect it from the sun when it does come out.

Plus the fishing has been pretty good the last 36hrs. Lots of fishermen stopped on their way off  (Thank You!) and let us know how they did and very few had a slow day.  Perch activity was good with reports of 10″ plus Perch.  Walleyes were active, mainly overnight last night and early morning and then again at dusk today.  Didn’t hear of any Pike caught or speared, but there were quite a few spear fishermen SW of Spider Island in along the point and middle Twin.

The ice is stable with no cracking and I really don’t expect it to for a couple of more days when it gets colder.  Ice depths are still the same with 16″ average in the first mile and half and then a pretty consistent 14″ out in the “smooth” ice.  We re-staked the roads today and I made the first runs to the Tundra and Banana reefs to establish roads but we will not be allowing vehicle traffic out to those areas for a day or so yet.  It will be ATV, portables, ATV and wheelhouses only out there. In closer we are letting vehicles up to 1/2 ton and 1/2 ton trucks with wheelhouses out on most of the roads and we will provide a map as to where you can travel when you arrive.

I found out tonight from some of our customers arriving for the weekend I was a “topic” on some of the internet fishing sites this past week. Earlier this week when things were warm we drilled holes to get the ice to float up and water to go down around houses. Apparently some thought it was a bad thing to do. It’s pretty obvious they don’t know how or why it works and that a lot of small holes are better (and less dangerous) than a couple big ones caused by water running down thru it.  (Like the one in your fish house that looks like a toilet flushing when it starts running in it and grows bigger because it’s the only place for it to go….hmmm…)  I’ve been out on the ice doing things like that probably more years than most fishermen on those internet sites are old. I got a chuckle when I heard that……. 🙂

Keep a Tight Line!