December 26th, 2017 6:30pm

Today I checked the ice on all of our roads that I have plowed over the last week.  The average depth was about 13-14 inches.  Off the roads under the snow it varied anywhere from  9 to 11 inches. Some areas where rougher ice piled underneath it’s thicker, then you find a clear spot under the snow and there is way less. One spot I found had only 7 inches.   So we still have a ways to go yet.

Here is what my plan will be for now thru New Years weekend. I am going to start to pull what I consider “light private houses”  (You guys know what I consider heavy or light)  tomorrow based on the pull list for those that I know have small cars, or SUV’s or ATV’s that can get to their houses on their own.  There will be NO 1/2 ton or larger trucks allowed out. Wheelhouses will be allowed if pulled with an ATV. After the weekend and the cold weather we will recheck all the roads and ice and get going with the rest. You will be called as soon as it’s on the ice so you can plan according.

Rentals that come will need a small vehicle, SUV, mini van and will have to call ahead and let us know. Those renting that do not have something small we will shuttle you and your gear to and from, but you will need to bring a snowmobile or ATV to have with you out there in case of an emergency.

The bite was slow overnight, but the barometer was sky-high this am.  One rental had an 18″ Walleye and some small Perch.  This afternoon the bite picked up for those in the shallower water.  I think the next couple days with the weather change will get them going.  They are predicting 1-3 inches of snow. (Hope we don’t get any), a brief warm-up and back in the deep freeze for the weekend.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy