December 26th,2013

Today we are going to start to pull some more houses.   Both rentals and  privates.  We will be pulling to Pope’s, Gull Reefs, that’s it.   I have roads to Ray’s, Graveyard and NE Spider Reefs, but there is not enough ice off the sides of the roads out that far to put houses on yet, let alone letting anyone drive it.  There is a lot of areas out there that are flooded and freezing. Soon the roads I plowed with the Jeep and Land Crusier will have enough ice and the flooded spots will be froze and we will be able to put some houses out in those areas.  This year we are going to be clearing and area around each house before it is placed for two reasons.  let the ice float up to prevent flooding as much and to allow the cold to make more ice around the house. It is going to slow down the process of getting houses out so be patient!!  There will be extra charges for plowing also so you expect to see that on your bills.

We will let 1/2 ton vehicles or smaller drive to Gull and Pope’s.  No wheelhouses except pulled with ATV, and you will need a spot plowed off the roads for a fee, or have an ATV with tracks and ski’s for the wheelhouse.  portable fishermen will be required to fish at least 100 feet off the road also.

As far as fishing goes, I will do my best to get you in a good area, but complaints about the fishing results should be directed to the MN DNR, and Mille Lacs and WI Bands.  Both of their methods of “mis-management” of this fishery are to blame.  The more of you that do that, the more things might change. Things are tough enough for us resorts right now  that we don’t need to hear anymore.

Keep a Tight Line!!