December 26th,2015

Yesterday I worked on and finished the road approach to the ice. I walked out about 200 yards checking the ice and it was approximately 5 inches thick with some slush underneath.   But not near as much slush as we dealt with the first 1/2 mile last year.

The ice is rough,plate like, but most will smooth out good once I can get out with the plows. I took the ATV with small plow down in front and cleared the area in front like I do to keep the ice good at shore. and was surprised how well that worked.

This morning I woke up to about 2-3 inches of fresh snow and it’s still snowing at the moment.  That is something we just don’t need right now, but it is what it is.

Hopefully by this weekend we will be letting ATV traffic out to some of the areas in the first 3/4 mile from shore as most of that ice should be 6″-8″ by then.  But beyond that there will be some ice that will be less than 4″ as most  area NW of a line from North Twin, Spider Island, Gull  and Ray’s Reef was wide open water this past Wednesday.  So it will be awhile yet.  I will be updating daily from now on to keep you informed.

Keep a Tight Line and the snow away!!