December 27th, 2015

We ended up with about 4-6 inches of snow yesterday.  The wind didn’t move the snow too much so it’s put a layer of insulation on the ice which will slow things down in the freezing process.

Today I’m going to check ice depths farther out and see how far there is decent ice. I’m hoping to find 5-6 inches in my travels.

Update: 4:00pm.  Got in from the ice checking depths and most ice was 6-8 inches to Popes, Gull Reef and Spider.  So we have some good areas to portable too the next few days.  Starting tomorrow we will be letting ATV’s, snowmobiles with portables out.  Trails to get there are marked.  Areas beyond that will need to be checked before anyone ventures out further as there is alot of unpredictable ice depths out there.The normal parking area for rigs is along the driveway as before and marked. Stop in the office before going on the ice!

Sounds like more snow might be coming the next couple days, but lets hope it stays to the south and east.

Here we go……Keep a Tight Line!