December 27th, 2014

Today quite a few fishermen were out and from what reports I heard this evening it was a slower bite than yesterday. There were some bright spots with numerous 26″ on over Walleyes in three of the rentals. The barometer rose and sun came out and it was nice out there but the barometer high I think was the culprit for most.

The ice stayed put with a few cracks out towards the Graveyard but none that gave us problems.  Tonite when the sun went down it was starting to rumble a little, but nothing abnormal for sure.

Most everyone was careful and kept the speeds down on the ice except for a couple of careless fishermen here with a wheelhouse.  (Always seems to be at least one that thinks he knows more than the resorter.) He was asked once today to slow down on the ice, then tonight drove through our access without stopping and checking in on his way back from town. (Apparently doesn’t know what a stop sign is and can’t read either…) Then drove through an area where numerous fishermen were in shallow water at a high rate of speed to get to his house.  I received three phone calls from other customers complaining about it.  Pretty Stupid is all I can say………Just because they drive like that on Red Lake doesn’t mean that it is going to happen here……..

Keep a Tight Line!