December 27th, 2016 evening

Today I pulled out 4 houses with the Jeep on 11″ of ice.  The melting and rain  on Christmas Day actually took a little of the thickness of it and the wind Sunday sort of leveled things out and almo0st every hole we drill in the areas we go to was about 11″ to 11-1/2″.  The good part is that what cold we are going to get will get to the ice easier.  The bad part is that there is little or no snow for banking houses, so hole liner are a must.

Starting tomorrow we will let ATV’s and small single axle wheel houses out of our access. ( no larger than 8′ by 16′).  And make sure you have chains because the ATV will have to be able to pull it up the ramp as I will not let trucks down in front,

The bite is pretty good for those that get out there for Perch and Walleyes, You just have to get in the right spot. a couple I sent out this morning found Walleyes in 24-27 feet, but not much for Perch, then Moved in to 17-18′ in the afternoon and caught and released numerous Walleye from 22″to 27″, plus got some nice Perch.  All in all pretty good.

I will keep pulling houses with the Land Cruiser.  Smaller ones first.  The heavy private houses, (and those people know theirs….) probably will not make it out for New Years Weekend.  The ones that do will need to have an ATV or Snowmobile, or a mini van/SUV type vehicle, or a small car.  As of now…. No 1/2 trucks.  We will wait until I see 13-15 inches of ice before that happens.

Keep a tight Line!     Eddy