December 28th, 2012

This a.m. after talking to fishermen that were here yesterday and back again and those that stayed overnight, fishing was pretty good.   Numerous reports of “keeper” Walleyes along with ones out of the slot.   Perch action was good in mud areas and most of the rentals seen some pretty good action as well.    Fish were scattered on the gravel and hard to find, but when you found them they bit.   The weather change overnight helped it too.

We are holding off driving this weekend.  It will be snowmobile/ATV only.   Wheelhouses with ATV”S also.    There just isn’t enough ice to have a lot of vehicle travel on it  which would obviously happen if we started.   Ice depth is 11-12 inches, but the top 1-2 inches is “slush ice” which is not very strong.   We would be pushing it if we let people drive and I will not do that here.  We will be shuttling rentals back and forth, privates need to bring an ATV if their house is out.  The bigger, heavier houses will not be going out until after the weekend when we see more ice.   We are doing the best we can as safely as we can.   We have what will be our roads marked to  most of the areas we normally go, (see last years road map, it’s almost identical) so it will be easy to find your way around without GPS if you don’t have one.  There are a few places where there is 3-6 inch cracks that have have healed good enough for ATV’s/snowmobiles, and  we mark them for you on the map at the office.

Have as Safe and Happy New Year!