December 28th, 2014

Overall the weekend bite was a little slower with the higher barometer.  Best Walleye action was dusk, overnite, and early am hrs. Perch were doing pretty well in the “Bowl”  with numerous reports of Perch over 10″, and I heard of a  couple Northern Pike caught.  A 35″  and a 40″ in in the rentals.  There were rentals that caught and released Walleyes from 25″ to 28″.   There were also some fishermen that just had no luck at all.

The ice was cracking pretty good yesterday as it’s getting colder and I expect Monday am. to see some “good ones” out there on the early morning road check.  The next couple days will be be that way with the ice cooling off so everyone venturing out will need to be extra cautious out there.  With the lack of snow cover we’ll make some needed ice thickness so we can venture out farther, but it will also make the smooth, clear ice out there very brittle. fishermen will need to to drive slowly as the ice will not bend well and I don’t want to see the roads break and have to make new ones.  Take your time out there!

Keep a Tight Line!