December 29, 2014

Today we had some fishermen out in rentals and only a couple portables.  Reports from the rentals was on the slow side.  Lots of too small Perch,  Some small Walleyes, but overall not a lot of action. one rental that was out overnight had a good night with the Walleyes, but most were 14-16″ and couldn’t be kept.  But it is good to see that size out there.

We had to put ramps on three of our roads as the cold created some cracks, but nothing too bad.  I pulled out 8 more houses to some of the deeper reefs, but are still holding back on vehicle traffic out there until I see a little more ice thickness. but with this cold it won’t be long.  The next couple nights it should make an inch or maybe two.

We’ll see how it goes……Keep a Tight Line!