December 29th, 2012

Fishing last evening and today was pretty good for most.  Shallow water spots that had no fish last week have fish now and the Walleye bite is getting better in the evenings.  Most Walleyes caught overnight are too big but fishermen are enjoying catching them. Walleyes caught in the daytime tend to be more “keepers”, but fewer numbers.  Small golden shiners, small sucker minnows have been the best bait.  Perch activity is good, but size is not. 6-9- inch Perch are common, with the occasional “Jumbo”.

Ice conditions are improving and we will be letting fishermen drive vehicles Wednesday, and we plan on getting all the rest of our customers houses out by the weekend. I’m glad we held off on the driving this weekend, we had no problems out there and it was better fishing for those that came out,  (less noise)

Have a Safe an Happy New Year!!