December 29th, 2015

Fortunately we at Mille Lacs dodged a possible season ending snowstorm overnight. A storm that brought 8-10 inches of it stayed to the south and we didn’t get any.  With the 7-8 inches of ice that could have been a disaster for the lake.  Now we have a chance.

Also yesterday two groups of fishermen went out.  One in the a.m. and one in the evening.  The fishermen in the am left about noon and did not stop into let us know what they did.  But the group that stayed after dark did and they caught numerous Walleyes up to 24″.  So there is hope for a pretty good season as long as we can get some cold and make more ice.

I am going to check out more ice today and if we have a little more than two days ago start grinding roads thru the rough ice sections with the Jeep.

For know it will be ATV-snowmobile-portable only until we get a more ice.

Keep a Tight Line!