December 29th, 2016

After checking ice this morning, most of what we found was 13″ with a few areas that were flooded and froze as thick as 15″.  Starting Friday a.m. after we check the roads we will let up to 1/2 ton rated vehicles out to the rentals and few privates we do have out. All wheelhouses will have to be pulled with ATV’s, not pickups. For those that want to move around I would still recommend an ATV.  Alot of areas have not been checked yet for vehicles, but with an ATV there should not be a problem going almost anywhere.

There is chance of a maybe significant snowstorm on Monday.  I’ve heard reports of as little as 2-3 inches to as much 5-8 inches and winds behind it.  For that reason we are going to hold out on pulling any more houses until we know more. Which leads to this…  most of our private customers know and trust what I do out there and my reasons why.  I will not have any of them tell me when their house is going.  I decide because of the weight what goes and when it goes. I’ve done this for most of my life and probably know more about this anyone, and if I decide your house is not going out yet. There is a reason.  And if they see my rentals out there.. my 10′ by 20′ rentals weigh less than most of their 8′ by 16’s because I built them that way for a reason..

The few that were out today that I talked to this afternoon said the bite was pretty slow. But a couple had some good Perch and those staying until after dark were moving up on the rocks when I got off the lake.

Keep a Tight Line!