December 28th – 29th, 2016

Today the bite was off for most during the day in the shallower water from what I heard. The shallow water bite was slower, deeper water did better. One group of 5 people caught  30 Walleyes ranging from 15″ to 25″ and 2 – 27″ Northern.  The Perch bite was slow.

I pulled a few more houses with the Land Cruiser, but still are not letting vehicles drive out yet. We will be checking ice depth again today and I will decide for the weekend driving, (or Not) tonight and update the report so fishermen can plan that are coming our way.  This warmer weather isn’t helping the cause. Single axle wheelhouse up to 16 feet pulled by ATV’s can go now, otherwise it’s ATV/portables today until we get ice measured.

Privates – I will get as many of the lighter houses out as I can that are on the pull list and Cindy will call you when it gets out, but don’t plan on it until you hear. I know it’s New years weekend, but I can only pull so many.  We have a lot of rentals to get out that are rented for the weekend and that takes time also.