December 2nd, 2014

Today we had our first rental customers.  When I picked them up tonight they had caught 7 Walleyes.  One 26″ (that had a 10″ inch Tullibee in it’s mouth) and 6 that were between 10-12″, and a bunch of small Perch.  nothing to keep but they had action.  I choose to put them off the side of a reef in about 17′ of water about 1 mile from our shore so they didn’t have to deal with slush under the ice.  After seeing that catch there is some good indications of the future of the bite this winter for me.  Seeing the smaller Walleyes biting in my opinion means there will be some good Perch action when we find them. And there are Perch out there in the 10-13 inch range to catch.

Tomorrow I’m going to spend more time on the ice finishing the roads thru the rough stuff and then checking ice depths farther out and staking where our roads will end up. Even though the ice is good in close I’m going to wait with the driving of vehicles until after this weekend when i know what the ice like farther out..  But ATV’s with wheel houses, portables are welcome to come and give it a try.  With the warmer weather coming this weekend, and all the clear ice out 2-4 miles in front of us with no snow cover, I’m thinking there will be  some “movement” out there.

The good thing is that the slush under the ice in close is making ice and melting below so we will still have our earliest start in years if the snow stays away…….

Keep a Tight Line!