December 30th, 2012

Today during daylight hours fishing was tough for most out there, but at about 4:30 this evening on some of our rentals and portables did well. (not everyone).  Lots of nice Walleyes caught during the traditional dusk period.  Yesterday was very similar. It looking more and more like a night bite for Walleyes for us in the areas we fish.  Perch activity is picking up but still a lot of 6-9 inches and the “jumbos” are about 1 in 20 when you find them.  Ice is getting better and tomorrow when the temps drop for a couple days we will have some ice I will be comfortable with in most of the areas we go to.  Today the main lake ice made a move and a large crack came down the east side and created some problems for the resorts up that direction and when it turned southwest towards us we ended up with a 18 inch crack just south of the East Bar that we bridged so ATVs’ and sleds could cross so we ended up in pretty good shape in areas we travel.    With the colder weather tomorrow I’m sure there will be more cracks showing up, but when it breaks where it did for us today, it stabilizes the ice in most of areas we go closer towards shore so we should  be on schedule to get going Wednesday/Thursday as planned.  (for driving)   Some spots we will limit travel to but most will be ok.  For those wanting to drive with wheelhouses, it will be 1/2 ton trucks and single axle wheelhouses only at first and towards the end of the week we’ll see about bigger rigs.  Please call ahead if in doubt.   One thing that we will be strict about at our place is speed on ice. 5mph or go home I call it. I’ve seen many times over the last 40 years what speed can do to roads on ice roads when there is so much traffic and they drive too fast.   It’s not like 25 years ago when the only houses were skid houses and the people using them drove out to them.   Most of today’s fishermen don’t think about the weight they are moving across the ice repeatedly with a truck and a wheelhouse.   I want everyone to enjoy their time out there and think about more than themselves when driving on the ice roads.  The more people use caution the safer everyone will be.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!