December 30th, 2013

Last night and today the barometer went high, the weather went cold and the fishing slowed.  We had 24-28 below this morning and it didn’t break zero all day.  But I plowed spots and pulled 8 houses today.  Making good ice where I have it uncovered, but under the snow was little change..  this is going to be a long process folks.

We are letting up to 3/4 ton vehicles on the roads to a certain points where we have them blocked off with cones.  Still no wheelhouses yet with pickups, mainly because there is no way they are going to get off the roads a safe distance to keep the flooding away from the roads.    Portables must park on the side of the road and walk off 75 ft to fish.  Those roads are all I have to operate on and I’m not going to have them wrecked for my customers.

I’m doing the best I can and we are slowly making headway, but it is on house at a time, a 75 by 150 ft plowed area for each and still trying to extend the roads out farther everyday to have them make ice.  We actually are doing really well compared to most, but that doesn’t mean everything is ok.  So have patience…

Keep a Tight Line!