December 30th, 2014

Today fishing was pretty slow from most reports.  Small Perch were most of everyone’s catches. Typical of very high pressure.  There were a couple Walleyes caught in the slot in rentals and one rental had 30  Perch and a 37″ Northern, but that was about it.

We pulled more houses out, both rentals and privates and will be pulling more tomorrow to the deeper reefs.  My suggestion to all coming up this weekend that want to drive out to the Tundra,  Banana and Graveyard reefs bring the smallest vehicle can get. There is about 16″ inches of clear ice that is VERY brittle and will not bend. Which means it cracks all over when driving on it and it can weaken very quickly when traveled on repeatedly.  Heavier vehicles will cause more problems so the lighter the better.  I’ve even been pulling houses with the Land Cruiser and staying off the roads when pulling to those areas.   I don’t know why, but that ice out there this year especially out in the smoother stuff just doesn’t feel right.

We have a 14-18″ crack on the Graveyard Road, Tullibee Road and Bowl Road which have ramps over them and are freezing, but for now there will be no wheelhouse traffic over it unless they are going to be pulled by a ATV.  I’m not going to take the chance of a piece breaking off on one side or another.  So wheelhouses with trucks will be limited to the shore side of the crack. Which means south Spider, Popes, SE Ray’s Reef, east Gull reef for now. That might change by the weekend, but for now that’s it. We will watch it and let you know by Friday morning so you can make plans.

Keep a Tight Line!