December 30th, 2015

Yesterday we went out and checked ice in the areas we are going to so far and the average depth was 8 inches. The few groups that went out had late afternoon-early evening action with Walleyes and some Perch action during the day.  Today I will be establishing the beginnings of roads to those areas with my Jeep and pulling out some of our smallest rentals.

We will be letting ATV/Snowmobile/Portable traffic out for the weekend.  No big ATV’s, (4 passenger-etc.)  and no wheelhouses over 1500lbs.  We will have a large parking area established along our driveway for those that want to park their rigs or “camp” overnight in their wheelhouse and portable.  All will have to register at the office before going out.

Private house owners that have houses here will be allowed to camp overnight in them in our storage lot and portable.  We just need to know who is there.

There will be limited areas as to where to go as for fishing as the ice farther out is very thin in spots and unstable.  We will give all a map of the areas we have checked where we know how thick ice is.  The last thing anyone needs up here is someone getting wet over a fish!

This is going to be a “difficult year” for us in this business, but in my 40 plus years in it there has been a few of them and every once and awhile it seems to show up as a reminder that nothing is guaranteed…so enjoy what we can and be safe!!

Keep a Tight Line!