December 30th, 2017

Ovenite and this morning the Walleye bite was still pretty good. Not alot of them, but most houses caught some. A 39″ Northern was C/R, a 45″ Muskie was C/R, and four,(that I know of) 26″-28″ Walleye were C/R.  By noon the bite slowed.  Might be the almost full moon, despite the cold and high barometer as most fish were in 14-18 feet

Starting tomorrow we will be allowing 1/2 ton rated vehicles out to rentals and existing houses.  1/2 ton and single axle wheelhouses will be allowed also on our “rough ice” areas within the 1st mile from our access where I know there is sufficient ice.  By Tuesday we will resume pulling more of our customers houses out to limited areas where I know we are ok. Some areas are still not even close to allow travel.  In fact yesterday I was plowing a stretch between the Graveyard and Banana Reefs and just to the north of where I was plowing with the Land Cruiser there was 8″ of ice.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy