December 30th,2016

This morning when I checked the roads I found two areas where cracks had opened up, so as fast as we said in last night’s report that we would be allowing portable traffic up to 1/2 ton pickups, we turned around and recommended ATV travel only. With the warmer weather the next couple days it will be that way until it gets cold.  The only vehicle traffic out of here will be us guiding rental customers to their houses.

The bite has been in the early morning and evenings in the rocks. and the ATV fishermen going deeper during the day have had some good catches.  Perch action has been off and on depending on the weather.  Yesterday with the strong west winds it was a tough bite till evening.

Our plans are to resume pulling after this warm New Year’s weekend.  Ice depths are so close to going out, but with this warm weather, I’m just not comfortable with it yet. Privates are welcome to come up and stay in their houses and portable this weekend.  We’ll go from there.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy